Top 10 Myths for Laser Hair Removal Busted

Legend #1: You Need Treatments Every Six to Eight Weeks Busted: This isn’t True. You need Laser Hair Removal like clockwork. ハグミー

Legend #2: You should shave between medicines. Busted: You don’t need to and it is favored that you don’t before your next treatment, so we can give a more exact hair evacuation treatment. Ideally not in any manner and in the event that you do, utilize an electric razor.


Fantasy #3: Laser Hair Removal chips away at dark, white and blonde hairs. Busted: The laser is pulled in to the shading in the hair, so it isn’t pulled in to these hair types. There are various degrees of these hues, so call us or come in for a free counsel to check whether it will work for you.

Legend #4: Expensive Creams Can Darken the Hair at the Root Level. Busted: NOT TRUE. You can’t change the root shade of your hair so the laser is pulled in to it.

Fantasy #5: One Treatment Does the Job Busted: obviously not. Your hair develops in numerous stages. The measure of medicines will shift contingent upon numerous variables, yet one treatment is rarely enough.

Fantasy #6: Intense Pulse Light/Diode functions admirably and is acceptable to use on all skin types. Busted: Not True. Exceptional Pulse Light (IPL) is just useful for fair complexion types.

Legend #7: It is SUPER difficult. Busted: Lasers have made considerable progress since their first development and endorsement by the FDA. It is much less agonizing than it used to be. It feels like having an elastic band snapped. Certain regions will be more excruciating than others. A few regions will have basically no torment. Also, the incredible news is much less torment than continually waxing!

Legend #8: There is Messy Gel Everywhere. Busted: There is no gel utilized for laser hair evacuation. They used to utilize it while doing Intense Pulse Light Treatments, however this hair expulsion procedure isn’t finished utilizing lasers and is less compelling.

Legend #9: My Hair will never develop again! Busted: It could begin to develop once more. Contingent upon your age, you can keep on having the hair development cycle begin once more. For certain individuals they should rehash the laser hair evacuation measure later on throughout everyday life.

Legend #10: All Lasers are the equivalent. Busted: No they are definitely not. Lasers are totally different. The sort of laser utilized and settings accessible can have a colossal effect on the solace level of the treatment and on the general viability.

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